Hallows Eve - Tales of Terror

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Tales of Terror cover (Click to see larger picture)

Stacy Anderson - Vocals
Tommy Stewart - Bass
Dave Stuart - Guitar
Skellator - Guitar
Ronnie Appoldt - Drums
Tym Helton - Drums*

1.Plunging To Megadeath04:54[ lyrics]
2.Outer Limits03:46[ lyrics]
3.Horrorshow02:28[ lyrics]
4.The Mansion03:05[ lyrics]
5.There Are No Rules01:43[ lyrics]
6.Valley Of The Dolls01:07
7.Metal Merchants*03:20[ lyrics]
8.Hallows Eve (Including Routine)*08:05[ lyrics]
Total playing time28:28

Trash metal(Atlanta- Giorgia-USA)