Folkearth - Drakkars in the mist

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Drakkars in the Mist cover (Click to see larger picture)

Folkearth members (Click to see larger picture)

Antarctica (International [Antartica means none])

1. Before Battle I Embrace
2. Hoplites Awaiting Command
3. Hugin & Munin
4. Grimnismol (The Ballad Of Grimnir)
5. Hogtid
6. Sworn To The Raven
7. Great God Pan
8. Drakkars In The Mist
9. Midgard Farewell
10. De Tause Fjell
11. If I Should Fall
12. When Long Ships Arrive
13. On Wings Divine
14. Thunders Of War
15. The Bane Of Giants
16. Kingdom Of The Shades
17. The Riding Of The Queen Boudiccea