Numen - Basoaren Semeak

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Numen (Esp) members (Click to see larger picture)

Originally formed in 1997, Numen is an extreme music band coming from the Basque Country. They play black metal with some influences of the folk and traditional music of their land. All lyrics are written in euskera, their mother tongue, and they tell about old traditions, legends and mythology, always with a strong feeling against Christianity.
By late 1999 they record the first studio MCD "Haize sorginduen intziriak" with 5 black metal tracks. In 2001 Numen release their first full lenght CD "Galdutako itxaropenaren eresia", a more extreme recording based on Basque legends and history, as well as its dark and magic mythology.

Style: Black Metal
Origin: Spain (Basque Country)
Lyrics: Nature, Battles, Basque Legends
Year: 2004

Jabo - Guitars
Aritz Nabarro - Vocals
Otuto - Bass
Eöl - Keyboards and Clean vocals
Ametsgaizto - Session Drums


01. Arranoaren Ahotsa
02. Nortasunaren Ateak
03. Eskualdunak
04. Ekaitzaren Deiadarra
05. Suzko Hitzak
06. Guda Baten Erdian
07. Negu
08. Hilbeteko Gauetan...

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