Abused Majesty - Serpenthrone

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Abused Majesty members (Click to see larger picture)

Hal - Bass, Vocals (Hermh, Via Mistica, Stygmat, Dead Infection, Diseased (Pol))
Rob-D - Guitars (Cinis, Cinerarium)
Icanraz - Drums (Hermh, Diseased (Pol), Via Mistica, Christ Agony, Devilish Impressions(live))

Style: Melodic Black/Death Metal
Origin: Poland (Bia³ystok) 1998
Year: 2004

Abused Majesty is a polish band playing a mix of death and black metal.
The band was formed in 1998 in the polish city of Bialystok by the drummer Icanraz and the guitarists Socaris and Łukasz.
So far, they released 2 demoes (Thee I worship 1999, Gods are with us 2001) and one full length album “Serpenthrone”.

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01. A Dream Of Sleeping Warriors
02. The Path Of Sword
03. Reviving Of The Master Of The Dead
04. The Crown Of The Serpentine King
05. The Fall Of Black Fortress
06. A Burning Army
07. Upon The Throne Of Serpents
08. Ravens Brought Them Victory
09. The Inferno that Took His Life
10. Epilogue - A Prophecy: Fall Of The Last Temple Of Time