Thundra - Worshipped By Chaos

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Thundra members (Click to see larger picture)
THUNDRA was formed as a project between Harald (ex- Enslaved), Stein (ex-Einherjer) and Nils (synth) in 1998. When Harald and Stein left their former bands, THUNDRA recruited Rune (on guitar), Steven (on vocals) and Thor Erik (guitar and vocals) to complete the band.
THUNDRA released the well-reviewed album "Blood of your soul" on Spinefarm records in 2000. In 2003 they left Spinefarm and start working on new songs and a new sound in general. During 2003 they recorded a 3-track demo at their own Black Dimension Studio produced\engineered\mixed and mastered by Stein Sund.

Style: Folk/Viking Metal, Melodic Black Metal
Origin: Norway (Haugesund) 1998
Lyrics: Vikings, Nordic Themes
Year: 2006

Harald Magnus "Rivheim" Helgeson - Drums
Stein Sund - Bass
Nils Johansen - Keyboards
Rune Frederiksen - Guitar
Steven Grindhaug - Vocals
Thor Erik "Grimnisse" Helgesen - Guitars, backing vocals


01. On Thorns
02. Feelings Lost
03. Hatred Declared
04. Silent Voice
05. At Autumn's Fall
06. Shattered Senses
07. Symphony Of Anguish
08. The Existing Darkness
09. Worshipped By Chaos

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