DEATH - Symbolic [1995]

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Death members (Click to see larger picture)

Chuck "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner (Charles Michael Schuldiner) - Vocals, Guitar
(R.I.P. - December 13th, 2001, pneumonia - brain stem cancer) (Control Denied, Slaughter (Can), Voodoocult, Mantas (US), Naphobia)
Shannon Hamm - Guitar (Control Denied, Talonzfury, Beyond Unknown, Metalstorm)
Scott Clendenin - Bass (Control Denied, Talonzfury)
Richard Christy - Drums (Burning Inside, Rick Renstrom, Acheron (US), Control Denied, Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, Leash Law, Public Assassin, Tiwanaku, Syzygy (US), Bung Dizeez, Crotchduster, Incantation, Monument of Bones)

01. Symbolic
02. Zero Tolerance
03. Empty Words
04. Sacred Serenity
05. 1,000 Eyes
06. Without Judgement
07. Crystal Mountain
08. Misanthrope
09. Perennial Quest

Total Playing Time 50:38

Genre: Death Metal

Origin : United States of America (Tampa, Florida (San Francisco, California for a short period)) 1984