Raventhrone - Malice In Wonderland

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Rec. This band have touches of summoning with a pagan black folk, they are really great.

Atmospheric black metal from Austria / Canada their members were:

Raymond 'Ray' Wells (Pazuzu (Aut), Golden Dawn, Knechte Des Schreckens, ex-Summoning, The Pale Horses, December Fog)
Mike Groeger - Drums (Hollenthon)

Style: Folk / Epic /Blackned Metal
Origin: Austria / Canada
Lyrics: Ancient times, ancient battles...
Year: 1998


01. Obsidian Horizon (The Infinite Azure)
02. Raventhrone
03. Malicia the Third
04. Malicegarden
05. Ode to all Brave
06. The Threefaced King of Dominion One
07. The Stargazer
08. Crepuscule
09. Vision Dementia
10. A Final Farewell